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The Beelievers - Mr. Gove

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Why did we make this video?

In November 2017, Michael Gove, Environment Secretary, pledged to prevent the use of a group of pesticides known as neonicotinoids. A restriction on their use had been placed on them by the EU in 2013 but, with Brexit and possible US trade deal deregulation ahead, we wanted to remind Mr Gove of his promise to care for the environment and to leave the pesticide controls in place.

Please kindly consider signing and sharing the petition below and check out the links provided to see how you can join the continued fight to save these very very special creatures!

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Sign this Friend of the Earth petition: Support tougher restrictions on bee-harming pesticides

Write to your MP in your own words telling them how important it is to set tougher restrictions to curb the practice of routinely spraying chemicals everywhere:

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More actions to take

Sign this Buglife campaign: Help Europe's Bees and Wild Pollinators

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